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Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Construction home buying

I was talking last week to a home owner who had his home built for him.

He mentioned that when it was being built he walked by and saw the siding being nailed on.

Unfortunately he also saw that there was no Tyvec wrap under the siding. He walked up to the guy putting up the siding and asked about the Tyvec, only to hear the siding installer say "Sometimes the builders put the Tyvec on the inside."

Well, that is a complete lie.

Fortunately the home buyer was suspicious and called the builder, who admitted the Tyvec should be over the sheething and under the siding. The builder called the siding guy and told him to take off the siding he had already put on.

From that point forward both the siding guy and the builder were very cold to the home buyer. Just because the buyer wanted the job done right!

The lesson here is that it is good to have other people on your team when you are buying from a builder.

In our office we can play the "bad guy" who points out to the builder that they've made a mistake. The builder can't get mad at you then, and they can't get too mad at us because they want to have future business.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Video helps home buyers understand the process

Here is a video that we have on our main office website that can help answer some questions first time home buyers ask.

It would be helpful to almost anyone thinking of buying Pinckney Michigan real estate.

It is focused on home buying and it is well worth the 4 minutes to watch.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Real Estate Agents are confused by working for buyers

We've been working for buyers since about 1988. When we started many real estate agents didn't even know who they were working for. In 1994 a law was passed requiring real estate agents to tell buyers who they were working for. Since then, a lot of real estate bozos have said they were buyers agents only because they think that is what buyers want to hear.

Now, some 13 years later, a lot of real estate agents and brokers are still confused.

There is a very popular associate broker in our area now who works for the largest real estate company in Michigan. What is funny is that she says when she has a buyer she doesn't do dual agency.

Well if she asked her boss I'm sure they would be unhappy about that because the buyers get dual agency from the brokerage every time they look at one of her listings. And the consumer needs to be disclosed for dual agency whenever the designated buyer agent and the designated seller agent have the same company on their business cards.

I'm not going to publish her name yet because she may not have had a chance to ask her boss, but in another couple days...